Tips on planning an outdoor wedding


Sometimes when planning a wedding it can be difficult to settle on a location that you both like, that fits your budget and is plausible. Before you can even begin to decide what venue to go with, you first have to decide if you’d like your ceremony and reception to be indoors or outdoors.

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How to accommodate out of state guests


If you have ever been to a wedding out of state you know that planning for it can be difficult at times. If you aren’t sure where the venue is or what is near it, you may be struggling to figure out where to stay, if you need to rent a car and other logistical pieces.

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Tips on decorating your wedding


Wedding planning can simultaneously be the most fun part of the wedding process, or it can be the most stressful. Figuring out your caterer, DJ, dress, wedding party and all the other aspects of the wedding can be pretty difficult, but choosing your decorations can be even worse. 

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Planning a bachelorette party


Oftentimes brides, or whoever is planning the bachelorette party, feels pressured to have an expensive and extravagant bachelorette party. It is possible to plan an affordable bachelorette!  Discuss with the bride what she wants and try to create a budget that will be friendly for everyone. 

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Overdone wedding trends


While getting ideas and inspiration is always great, sometimes it can lead couples to choose trends that are super trendy and oftentimes overdone. While your wedding should be a party and an event that represents you and should be filled with all of the elements that you want, a lot of brides are also looking for a unique factor.

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Planning your wedding budget


Planning a wedding can be stressful, especially when you begin to figure out your budget. Deciding how much everything will cost, what you’re willing to splurge on and what you might need to spend a little less money on can be overwhelming for many couples.

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Why you should get wedding insurance


Of course, we like to focus on all of the fun and exciting parts of wedding planning, but we also think that it is important to be as well prepared and protected as possible when you are spending a lot of time and money on your dream wedding. In order to plan responsibly, we highly recommend obtaining some form of wedding insurance. 

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