Planning a holiday wedding


Fall is definitely upon us, which means that the holidays are quickly approaching. While some couples love a wedding around the holidays, others might not be huge fans

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Picking out rings


An engagement ring is usually pretty important to brides because they have to wear it forever. The same goes for the actual wedding bands that you and your spouse pick. Again, these will be worn forever, so most couples find these to be pretty important decisions.

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What to pack for your wedding day


Some people struggle when trying to decide what to pack for their wedding day. This means what you want to have while you are getting ready, during the ceremony or reception, and things you want to have afterward. These are mostly just things that you think are important to have during the process.

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Who to bring to pick out your dress


Choosing a wedding dress is one of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding day - right along with choosing Indian Creek as your venue. Regardless of whether you are picking something traditional or out of the box, you want to be sure that it perfectly suits you and your style.

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Planning a winter wedding


As the weather is beginning to get colder and the fall and winter are quickly approaching, many are still working on planning their perfect wedding! Although you might not have time to squeeze it in this season, you can definitely get planning for next year! 

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Unique wedding ideas


When people are planning their wedding, most of the time they want it to be a unique experience! There aren’t many couples who want their ceremony and reception to be just like everyone else’s. It can be difficult to find ideas that haven't been done before especially with things like Pinterest that make it super easy to share ideas. 

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Picking your bridal team


At Indian Creek, we know that as a bride, making sure that the morning of your wedding goes smoothly and seamlessly is super important. You want to be sure that you are relaxed and having a nice start to your day. That is why it is super important to carefully pick who you will be surrounded by on the morning of.

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How to choose wedding favors


There are many small little details that are important to think about when it comes to planning your wedding day. Every small little detail is usually just as important as the big one, whether that is to you and your partner or your guests!

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How to pick your wedding menu


There are many decisions you need to make when it comes to planning your perfect wedding. Most of the time you are choosing things that make you and your partner happy and what fits you as a couple, but when you are trying to choose your wedding food menu, it is a little bit more complicated than that. 

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