Best places to make your wedding stationary


There is quite a bit of stationary that comes along with planning a wedding. From the save the date, to the actual invitation to the thank you notes, you will need to find an affordable and efficient way to get all of these things done and sent out.

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Websites to help with wedding planning


If you are starting to plan your wedding, you know how stressful and intimidating the whole process can be. Luckily, there are plenty of tools that can be used in order to help you throughout the entire journey. The best way to get some help when it comes to getting everything done is hiring a wedding planner. 

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Winter wedding DIYs


Now that winter is quickly approaching, Indian Creek knows that those who have upcoming weddings may be looking for some last minute ideas to decorate their ceremony and reception with. Most times you want your wedding decor to fit with the season that it will be held during. It is also typically cheaper to decorate or choose food seasonally, so it could actually save you some cash! 

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Bachelorette party alternatives


The typical bachelorette party usually consists of a trip somewhere with lots of events and activities, but that may not fit every wedding or every bride. If that doesn’t sound like what is ideal for you before your special day, you may be wondering what you can do instead that will still be a fun way to celebrate with your friends before your wedding.

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Planning a holiday wedding


Fall is definitely upon us, which means that the holidays are quickly approaching. While some couples love a wedding around the holidays, others might not be huge fans

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Picking out rings


An engagement ring is usually pretty important to brides because they have to wear it forever. The same goes for the actual wedding bands that you and your spouse pick. Again, these will be worn forever, so most couples find these to be pretty important decisions.

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What to pack for your wedding day


Some people struggle when trying to decide what to pack for their wedding day. This means what you want to have while you are getting ready, during the ceremony or reception, and things you want to have afterward. These are mostly just things that you think are important to have during the process.

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Who to bring to pick out your dress


Choosing a wedding dress is one of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding day - right along with choosing Indian Creek as your venue. Regardless of whether you are picking something traditional or out of the box, you want to be sure that it perfectly suits you and your style.

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