How to include kids in your wedding


Beyond nieces, nephews, cousins and siblings, you may be a couple with kids of your own! If this is the case, deciding on a role for them based on their age may be a bit difficult. If you are struggling to determine how to include the kids in your life into your wedding ceremony and reception, here are some super helpful tips and suggestions to make everyone happy and included!

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What to know as a wedding guest


From wedding gifts to attending other events, you should know what is expected of guests when they are invited to a wedding and what is considered proper. If you need some help distinguishing the do’s and don'ts of being a wedding guest, here are some helpful tips!

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Dollar Store DIY for your wedding


Weddings can be incredibly expensive. If you are wondering how to get started on your budget or how to create your dream wedding without breaking the bank, there are a lot of places that you can save money!

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Who should you hire for your wedding planning?


Many couples take the next step to the organization and hire a wedding planner, but are you sure that is the person that you need? There are actually a couple of different professionals that you can hire to help you with different elements of your wedding. 

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Picking your wedding dessert


One of the most traditional elements of a wedding is the cake. If you aren’t too keen on cake, or you’re just looking to do something a bit different, you have lots of options for desserts as well!

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How to plan a destination wedding


If you are recently engaged and are beginning the wedding planning process, you may be considering a destination wedding. This doesn’t necessarily mean somewhere exotic or out of the country, but it can include something out of state. 

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Tips on planning an outdoor wedding


Sometimes when planning a wedding it can be difficult to settle on a location that you both like, that fits your budget and is plausible. Before you can even begin to decide what venue to go with, you first have to decide if you’d like your ceremony and reception to be indoors or outdoors.

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